You and Me and Us

A NOVEL PAIRING because I love books and wine.

My first thoughts of wine while savoring Alison Hammer’s bittersweet tale You and Me and Us was a pre-summer crisp and clean Chardonnay. Not an oaky, buttery one, but a cold climate variety with a bright freshness that inspires you to face the warmth of the sunlight encouraging you to LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH. Fourteen-year-old Cece LIVEs her life to its fullest, following her dreams, and pushing her limits with her mother. Tommy takes every opportunity to lighten a situation with his humor, even when those around him might not feel like LAUGHing, and Alexis is full of LOVE for both her daughter and her partner, wanting only the best for both of them.

As Cece perfects her grandmother’s Arnold Palmer recipe, she sours toward her mother’s lack of support in her dream of becoming an actress and appreciates her father’s sweet blessings. In support of Cece, I found a fun summer Arnold Palmer recipe – and in support of her mother Alexis… it has wine! It’s an Arnold Palmer Sangria!  The perfect wine drink for a summer’s holiday in Destin, Florida or anywhere. You won’t want to put down your drink or this wonderful book. Enjoy!

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