Not So Little Things



Through her niche business building dollhouse sized replicas of historical rooms, Tina Edwards enjoys the little things in life- her own peaceful apartment, control over her successful career, red wine and iced tea.

When Tina’s estranged, dying mother wishes to move in and share family secrets that must be told, Tina has to face the life-altering event she witnessed in her father’s final moments. In not wanting to believe what her mother has to say, Tina discovers the stories we tell ourselves are the most destructive. And in telling Tina the truth, her mother, Mary Jane, realizes even out of love and with good intentions, facts can be undermined by the choices we make.

When Mr. Jake Martin hires Tina to replicate the original rooms of his family’s Victorian mansion, Tina discovers more than the businessman cares to know about his family. Having been fueled by tales from the past, he believes he must accept his lineage, but chooses to ignore it.

Set in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains, Tina Edwards’ story, as well as Jake Martin’s, illustrate how perception from our youth paint our future, whether our memories are the truth or not.