What if you knew then what
you know now?

How would your story change?

About the Author

Kyle Ann’s a retired grandmother of four with most of her education (and stories) coming from raising four children who are all out of college, happy in their own spaces, and paying their own bills. She lives lakeside in Northeast Georgia although her heart will always belong to the beach- The Best Escape Anyone Can Have.


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Novel Pairings

A Pairing of My Two Favorite Things: Wine & Books

You and Me and Us

A NOVEL PAIRING because I love books and wine. My first thoughts of wine while savoring Alison Hammer’s bittersweet tale You and Me and Us was a pre-summer crisp and clean Chardonnay. Not an oaky, buttery one, but a cold climate variety with a bright freshness that inspires you to face the warmth of the sunlight…

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